und mechanisches Verhalten des Schaumglases
von Dr. sc. techn. ETH Rudolf Trinkner



This dissertation arose as a result of a research project which was carried out at the Institute for Aircraft Statics and Lightweight Engineering at ETH in collaboration with the Institute for Crystallography and Petrography at ETH. The objective of this proposal was to produce a high-quality thermal insulation material from waste glass, and also to determine its physical construction and mechanical properties as well as the possibilities for its application.

The project was guided by my late doctoral supervisor Prof. Dr. H.U. Schürch in collaboration with Prof. Dr. G. Bayer in a fruitful manner.

My colleague Dipl. Ing. S. Köse worked mainly on the swelling dynamics and manufacture of the foam glass, whilst I mainly concentrated on its mechanical and physical construction properties.

Prof. Dr. H.U. Schürch followed the work with great interest and stimulated the work with his encouragement and discussion. For this I am very grateful to him.

Prof. Dr. G. Bayer supported my work with respect to the morphological investigations and contributed significantly to the success of the project with his discussions. For this reason, he receives special thanks. I would like to thank Prof. Dr. G. Bayer for taking on the role of co-examiner.

The work was overshadowed by the tragic air accident of Prof. Schürch on 5th December 1979 at Schänis (St. Gallen canton) with fatal results. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Prof. H.H. Hauri for being prepared to take over the role of doctoral supervisor and examiner following the unexpected death of Prof. H. Schürch. He provided me with many valuable inputs thus allowing me to successfully complete my work.

The test equipment for the determination of the fracture strengths and elastic properties of the foam glass were developed in collaboration with Dr. J. Schaffhauser and Mr. W. Matt. I am very grateful for this. I would also like to take this opportunity to thanks Dipl. Ing. R. Käser, E. Schärli and H. Lupart for their assistance.

Fislisbach, 1st January 1981

Rudolf Trinkner


This paper was transferred into this Word document on 31st July 2017 by Mrs. Jędrych from Lublin with the greatest care. I give her my sincere thanks for this.

Zürich, 27th August 2017

Dr. Rudolf Trinkner

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